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MarketDNA offers several products to meet the needs of each individual client all without oversubscribing and overcrowding a trade recommendation. Contact us today for current reports or to discuss which product best suits you.

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Overview of Products


Our US equity directional recommendations email alert subscription based product.

  • Profit from impending movement
  • Covers all US Equities, derivatives, ETF’s and indexes
  • Value added actionable and opportunistic trades


Our custom portfolio event alert service tailored to each client’s requirements to watch their list of equities for protection to unknown events occurring in their positions.

  • Client portfolio specific alert service
  • Monitors unobservable trading
  • Value added decision making process


Our US specific sector recommendations. Financial/Technology/Bio-Technology/Services etc. sectors all priced a-la-carte and catered to our client’s needs.

  • Financial Sector
  • Technology Sector
  • Service Sector
  • Bio Technology Sector
  • Any other sector listed we cover


A powerful and robust product designed to notify clients of upcoming volatility within an equity without directional recommendations prior to the event occurring

  • Impending short term movement
  • Value added to decision-making process

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As with all SJL products, each are limited to 30 members or less to ensure increased value and appropriate capacity to our clients.

Sector reports for each industry from Financial, Healthcare, Industrials and more.

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