MarketDNA is an independent leading provider of Long/Short investment research to leading hedge funds, institutional investment managers and portfolio managers.

Actionable / Accurate / Forensic / Investment Research

MarketDNA Methodology

Our proprietary derivatives trading model starts by selecting and analyzing actual trading data. By using over 100 filters in the analysis we are able to separate unique opportunities from hedging and other common trading strategies.

Once a set of potential opportunities exists we further subject them to basic fundamental analysis to uncover true event driven indicators.  This dual advocacy approach offers research, which is actionable and disciplined with confidence and conviction.  The core product, MarketDNA, recommends on average, 5 to 10 equity/derivative trades per month.

Timely updates on all open alerts are provided for any significant event such as: the achievement of a predetermined price target, sell/cover price, earnings announcements, or any other substantive news release possibly impacting a recommendation.

Historically, MarketDNA research has been over 80% accurate in determining equity direction.  The research alerts clients to impending moves on an equity due to acquisition, earnings, corporate events as well as other business events on average of seventeen business days from the initial equity alert.

The chart below shows how MarketDNA detects and alerts subscribers before an underlying event occurs on any given equity. Our indicators and proprietary filtering process identifies the impending move, MarketDNA then alerts subscribers.

Our Process

It’s our process; the model, our filtering and our extensive fundamental research that differentiates MarketDNA from other research providers

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