MarketDNA Privacy Policy

MarketDNA™ & SJL Capital LLC shares your concern about the protection of your personal information online. This is our policy regarding the privacy of information we collect on our web sites. We have recently revised our policy. Please take some time to review the new version below. This Privacy Policy includes examples of the types of personal information we collect and the kinds of companies with whom we share such information. These examples are illustrative and should not be considered a complete inventory of our information collection, use and sharing practices. We will comply with applicable state laws that may restrict
the types of information we may disclose about you or require us to provide you with additional notices.

Information Gathered and Tracked by MarketDNA™ & SJL Capital LLC

MarketDNA™ & SJL Capital LLC gathers two types of data about users: (a) personal information, which individual users provide (i) when registering as a subscriber of MarketDNAAlert Service, and (ii) voluntarily at certain other points, such as contests or surveys; and (b) tracking information, which is automatically collected about all visitors to our sites.

MarketDNA™ & SJL Capital LLC collects personal information in several places on our web sites. We will always provide a secure area of our site for you to enter your information, but if you prefer, you may email us and provide the required information via email.