MarketDNA is an independent leading provider of Long/Short investment research to leading hedge funds, institutional investment managers and portfolio managers.

Who we are

Why We Are Better

MarketDNA is a proprietary algorithm which uses derivative volume and open interest trading to serve as the basis for potential events that effect the pricing in a particular equity, index or ETF positively or negatively.

Once these opportunities are identified, our more than 100 filters are applied to remove false indicators, excessive noise, hedging and any other trading strategies that might be responsible for the initial flags.

It’s our process, the model, our filtering and our extensive research that differentiates us from other regurgitated research providers.

We truly identify trading occurring in the markets based on inefficiencies in dessemination of information and we alert our clients on those trades allowing them to be proactive instead of reactive. It’s our algorithm that is non-correlated to the overall markets. We provide more than standard Alpha.

As on Hedge Fund Manager was quoted saying to us “Everyone else is selling research claiming to add Alpha, MarketDNA is F*** You Alpha”

Our Core Team

Meet Our Leaders

Matthew Rossi
Founder, Managing Partner & Chief of Research

Matthew has over 30 years of investment experience and 20 years using the proprietary investment process he developed.  Matthew was the founding partner of SJL Capital LLC.  Matthew has over 25 years of corporate finance experience in Mergers & Acquisitions, Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting and Strategic Modeling.  Matthew holds a BA in Economics, MBA in Finance both from the University of Connecticut, has taken part of the CPA exam is in the process of registering the firm as an RIA.

Sector reports for each industry from Financial, Healthcare, Industrials and more.

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