MarketDNA is an independent leading provider of Long/Short investment research to leading hedge funds, institutional investment managers and portfolio managers.

Our research uses a proprietary derivative algorithm to uncover unique
opportunities for hedge funds looking to add Alpha.  The algorithm is a forensic analysis uncovering previously unobservable trades and informing our clients on impending Equity  / ETF / Index moves prior to an event occurring.


Using buy or sell recommendations, our research has been directionally accurate since 2006, 10 years running.  Average time of holdings is 17 trading days while returning on average almost double digits for each equity trade.


Variances in option volume can be a predictor of “Smart Money” trading but alone will not give you enough accuracy to make money. MarketDNA takes the unusual option volume further through our proprietary system of filters refined over 20 years, proven to bring you substantially higher returns.

MarketDNA uses actual derivative volume and open interest trading to serve as the basis for potential events that effect pricing in a particular equity, ETF or index positively or negatively.  Once these opportunities are identified, more than 100 filters are applied to remove false indicators, excess noise, hedging and any other trading strategies that might be responsible for the initial flags.  What is left is a stock/ETF/Index that has the ability to move 10% to 300+% in the matter of 1 to 17 business days with a high historical accuracy rate over the last 10 years of in determining direction.

We truly identify trading occurring in the markets based on inefficiencies in dissemination of information and we alert our clients on those trades allowing them to be proactive instead of reactive. We make proactive look late to the trade.

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It’s our process; the model, our filtering and our extensive fundamental research that differentiates MarketDNA research.

Our clients add Alpha and see a positive ROI in 1 trade.

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